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Couples Retreat

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1. The Couples Retreat –  for couples wanting a more

intimate and all inclusive experience (2-4 couples)


2. Relationship Lifeline weekend (12-20 couples)

The Couples Retreat

The exclusive Couples Retreat is one of the most effective couples weekends in the U.S. and Canada. The intensive exclusive Couples Retreat is designed for the couple wanting a more private experience. This 4-day, all inclusive, exclusive, and highly interactive weekend provides couples with their own personal trainer, one-on-one meetings with the directors, accommodations, and meals – all held in some of the most beautiful, relaxing locations available.

This retreat provides the most intimate healing experience. Throughout 4 amazing days, each couple will have their own personal coach and will deal intently with their specific circumstances. The setting is in a worry free environment with accommodations and meals taken care of.  This exclusive retreat is the ultimate in comfort, and interactive small group exercises as well as the personal input of the camp directors. This retreat promises to be the most effective way to get past relationship issues, and begin Living Above the Line™.

The Couples Retreat will include:

  • 2 nights accommodation and 7 meals
  • 3 days of experiential learning
  • 4 hours of Individual/couple coaching
  • 20 hours of Group Classes
  • An exploration of backgrounds and experiences, including your history as a couple together
  • Discovering how your personal past and baggage is affecting your relationship
  • Conflict resolution and new healthy ways to listen, talk, and be heard
  • Games, drills and exercises are used to demonstrate that how you do anything is how you do everything including your relationship
  • Moving past anger, resentment, and bitterness
  • Understanding compassion and forgiveness so the decisions for the future come from a healthy position
  • Gaining tools to successfully change self-defeating behaviors

Come experience what thousands of couples have found to be an effective, comfortable, and private way to heal their marriage/relationship.

Ron and Tina Konkin, Founding Directors of the exclusive Couples Retreat weekend give hope to the hurting, clarity to the confused, and teach couples the tools necessary to change their relationships for the better. Trained by the Dr. Phil Team in the early 90’s, the couple has spent the last 17 years creating programs that are full of practical tools that can save even the most complicated relationships.

Tina Konkin works closely with My Expert Solution, California Healthy Marriages Coalition, TACA(families with Autism in California), NARME, The Ridge Foundation, American Family Living, and Smart Marriages, along with churches, counselors and community to raise expectations on building strong families.

Healthy marriages produce healthy children and healthy families produce a healthy society. The Couples Retreat ensures every couple a personal coach throughout the weekend.

The results from these Couples Retreat Weekends are unmatched.

Relationship Lifeline

Our Relationship Lifeline program guides couples through resolutions to the core issues holding them back from having the marriage they have always wanted.

Relationship Lifeline is a four-day engaging experience where you are actively part of a transformation that could never be done “to you” but only “by you”. Our program includes over 35 hours of exercises that focus on the real stuff that couples experience on a day-to-day basis. We have helped bring over 4,000 couples to emotional and relational health over the past 20 years.Relationship Lifeline is your answer to the genuine personal and relational happiness only attainable through honest self-discovery for yourself and your marriage. Through a safe environment, free from the pressures and expectations of life, is it possible to identify the root causes of personal and relational issues. Our interactive experiences will help uncover emotions locked away long ago so they can be addressed, resolved, and released from limiting your future fulfillment. The program is so effective it provides the equivalent of two years of marriage counseling in just a long weekend. Our team of experts is passionately committed to paying forward the amazing healing power of Relationship Lifeline – one person at a time.

We help transform:

  • Healthy individuals: We believe that healthy individuals have a sense of self-awareness that enables them to identify unresolved issues, personal triggers, destructive behaviors, and toxic thoughts.
  • Making Healthy Decisions: Emotional healing prevents destructive decisions based in self-desires, anger, and fear.
  • Capable of Healthy Relationships: The ability to see situations from another person’s perspective will reveal the “whys” behind conflicts, why your partner feels differently than you do, and how you can relate to each other.

Love is the beginning and love is the end, but it is in between where real life happens – that is where most couples get off track. Life presents challenges, stresses, and temptations that can push a relationship past the breaking point. People try tirelessly to improve relationships with counseling, therapy, and self-help books. Short-term improvements quickly vanish, only now with one more failed attempt on the record.

When you finally realize the quick fixes are not your long-term solution and you want to solidify your relationship on a healthy foundation, it’s time for the Relationships Lifeline experience. We have saved relationships from just about any situation imaginable over the last 20 years. Regardless of the issues or trauma in your past, WE CAN HELP YOU find healthy resolutions that allow your relationships to move forward.

Join the thousands of couples that found newfound love, happiness, and fulfillment they never knew was possible.

The Relationship Lifeline Approach

Our approach engages couples from the very first exercise

Our unique approach engages couples from the very first exercise — discussing topics that are meaningful to them and their marriage in ways they’ve never considered. This approach helps couples to understand what they really desire from each other, and also provokes revealing thoughts and genuine interaction that creates real change in the foundation of their relationship.  This approach also helps couples learn how to develop new life skills that lead to a deeper level of appreciation for each other, their relationship and their family.

Specifically, the Relationship Lifeline program provides a structured environment where couples:

  • Feel safe to reveal their true thoughts and feelings
  • Identify the triggers that cause conflict
  • Begin to heal unresolved issues of the past
  • Begin to understand the real source of issues
  • Learn techniques to communicate effectively
  • Learn how to manage frustrations
  • Ultimately enhance their relationship

Experiencing Relationships Lifeline with your partner will build an emotional connection like you never experienced before…Guaranteed


We offer a 100% money back guarantee (For Relationship Lifeline Tuition)

The price of the Relationship Lifeline program is $795 per person and includes over 35 hours of activities over a long weekend. Participants are responsible for their meals and lodging while attending the program.

The program is hosted at select highly rated national hotels in major cities. It is offered at least one weekend each month.  It runs from 5:00 pm on Thursday through 5:00 pm on Sunday. We highly recommend that couples stay at the event hotel to maintain personal focus and to minimize distractions so you can concentrate on our marriage. The days can be long and emotionally draining and it is nice to be able to walk back to your room at the conclusion of each day. We have worked with our select hotel providers to offer special pricing to our program participates.

Couples Retreat

All inclusive Cost $5,995/couple -

Exclusive 2-4 couples(about 30 hrs of training)

Relationship Lifeline


$1,595/couple (Tuition only)

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