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Couples Intensive Coaching

We understand that life often doesn’t always turn out as expected. White picket fences and happily-ever-afters seem unachievable. Stress, anxiety, and busy-ness become the norm. Hope is lost and defeat has set in. Relationship Help Centers can help you move from a victim position to an empowered position. Gain control of your life again. Dream again. Love again. And live, again. Our highly experienced life coaches help guide, facilitate, and encourage growth. Get on the right track with a life coach today. This is also a great tool for couples who have decided to part ways but wish to work toward a healthy friendship or co-parenting partnership.

Couples Coaching is designed for couples whose relationship is struggling and who want to reclaim the intimacy as well as enhance their skills around solving issues. Coaching is also for couples who have decided to part ways but wish to work toward a healthy friendship or co-parenting partnership. Couples Coaching is often a first step heading into one of our programs such as the exclusive Couples Retreat or Relationship BootCamp.

Coaching is really about moving forward in your relationship. A coach will establish where the couple wants to end up in a month, 3 months or 5 years and then create a road map of how to get there.
Your coach will:
  • identify the core issues that are interfering in your relationship
  • create a personalize curriculum designed for you as a couple
  • teach you functional communication skills
  • hold you accountable as an individual and as a couple
  • help you create a road map to get to where you want to go

Couples Coaching is a must for those whose habits, hurts, and hang-ups constantly get in the way of their relationships. Coaching will take you to another level in your relationship or marriage, help hold you accountable, and bring you to a place of fun, fulfillment, and freedom.


Personal Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on taking you to the next level, while identifying and dealing with issues that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Your coach will work with you to move forward, make healthy decisions, and LIVE ABOVE THE LINE. Whatever your situation, your Personal Life Coach will hold you accountable and help you conquer the self-destructive behaviors that are interfering with your success in life.


We focus on helping the client resolve personal or interpersonal issues. If you feel stuck in a state of tension manifested by negative emotions, poor self-esteem and/or angry reactions, coaching will help identify the root of these issues and find the positive solutions on how to move forward. For many people life has gone into survival mode. So life is made up of what cannot be done and circumstances begin dictating your decisions.

Dreams, goals, vision of a great future are all illusions. So what is stopping you from living the life you’ve dreamed of? Stress, relationships, job, kids or just life.


  • How can you become confident and strong?
  • How do you have courage to take action in spite of fear, doubt and worry?
  • How do you deal with the baggage that has been holding you back?
  • Where do you go from here?

What’s getting in the way of you truly realizing your full potential and your divine purpose right now? Here’s the answer…it’s the same thing that’s always gotten in the way. How you do anything in life is how you do everything in life. Insight without Action is useless.


Accelerate your life with intensive coaching. Start living on purpose and be who you are meant to be!

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