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At Relationship Help Centers & Crossing Bridges Consulting, Inc (CDN) it is our vision to help individuals and couples heal from their hurts and wounds to be able to have healthy relationships with their spouse, partner, children, family members, friends and most importantly, their self. It is our mission to give people the tools they need to be able to forgive using the gift of compassion and to be able to leave their baggage behind in order to leave a legacy by Living Above the Line.

Our programs are designed to change the way you do life. If you are struggling in your relationship, feel stuck or worry that you’ve tried everything, we are here to help. We offer a 100% personal satisfaction money-back guarantee on the Relationship BootCamp so that you are able to attend without risk. With almost 20 years experience and over 99% personal satisfaction rate, we know that our programs work and we would love to see you there.

Family Jewels. Founding Directors Ron & Tina Konkin have been interviewed on many television and radio shows and featured as keynote speakers at conferences, churches and seminars all over North America. Our programs are a resource for any individual seeking to better their relationships. The Relationship BootCamp  is an intense four-day relationship and marriage help program in the US and Canada that focuses on how to have healthy relationships. The exclusive Couples Retreat, offers personalized and more private relationship and marriage help, in private resort-style settings and includes accommodations, meals, and more .

To read more about Relationship Help Centers you can visit our About page. To learn more about our Programs view below or visit our Relationship Bootcamp page or Couples Retreat page.


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The Relationship BootCamp - Individuals & Couples Training is an intensive relationship and marriage seminar where you will identify and address the core issues that are tearing your relationship apart.  is designed to change the way you do your personal and relational life. It is about achieving “emotional fitness.” If you are struggling in any relationship, feel stuck or worry that you’ve tried everything and nothing else will work, we can help. Marriage counselors affirm that the intensive Relationship BootCamp is worth 2 years of counseling in less than 4 days. Dr. Phil, along with pastors, counselors and therapists are referring clients to this program to help resolve difficult marriage problems, personal issues and relationship damage. We offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on the course so that you are able to attend without risk. With almost 20 years experience and with 99% personal satisfaction rate, we know that our programs work!

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The exclusive Couples Retreat is an intensive and experiential weekend directed at discovering how you are doing your relationship. Directors Ron & Tina Konkin and their team of coaches focus on helping to create healthy individuals who can come together and have a healthy relationship. By using the R3 principle to Reveal, Rewrite and Renew, individuals will heal from the baggage in their past and move forward into a healthy future.
The Couples Retreat is all-inclusive and private experience, held in some of the most beautiful locations available. Each retreat is only open to 4-8 couples and each couple will be provided with their own personal relationship coach and a session with the Directors.

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Coaching is all about taking you to the next level. Our highly experienced relationship and life coaches have been trained to use methods of accountability and compassion in order to get you on track. They will help guide, encourage and teach you how to get to where it is you’ve always dreamed of going. Whether you choose personal coaching, couples coaching or family coaching, it is an investment into yourself and your relationships. Just like a personal trainer pushes you to get physical results, our coaches will help you get the results you are looking for in your relationships. Whether you are dealing with stress at work, in your home or within yourself, you don’t have to do it alone. Call us today for a free 30 minute coaching session.

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